Antonio Moschella Lists Four Spots You Should Visit When You Come to Venezuela


If you are a vacationer on a budget, one of the cheapest places you can visit is Venezuela. The dollar will go a long way in Venezuela, so it’s possible to find lodging, eat at great restaurants, and enjoy all of the attractions Venezuela has to offer. Although he now lives in the United States, Antonio Moschella worked in Venezuela for several years, so he has seen all that Venezuela has to offer. Although Venezuela has gotten a bad rap in recent years, Antonio Moschella encourages you to research it more. If you do your research, plan everything out in advance, and remain smart, Venezuela can be quite safe. Here are a few of the best spots you can visit in Venezuela during your stay.

Angel Falls: Angel Falls is probably the most popular tourist attraction, and it is named after Jimmy Angel who was the first aviator to fly over the falls. It is more than three thousand feet tall and quite the sight to behold.

Los Roques Archipelago National Park: If you love the outdoors, you might want to check out Los Roques Archipelago National Park. The park features nearly untouched coral reefs, and there are some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Caribbean. The main island is Gran Roque.

Merida Cable Car: As long as you’re not afraid of heights, the Merida Cable Car is a must. It is 7.5 miles long and more than 15,000 feet high, and it is currently the world’s highest and longest cable car.

Isla Margarita: Finally, you should check out Isla Margarita if you want to get some sun. Isla Margarita is the largest island, and it features all of the beach activities you would expect. It also has tons of shops if you want to get some local goods.

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